Unusual Mysterious places around the world

The Bermuda Triangle

bermuda triangle

The question about the triangle that swallows ships, planes and all the people with them still waits for its answer. So many ships and planes have disappeared and so many disasters have happened in the area between Bermuda, Puerto Rico and Miami, and many theories have appeared as well. From compass variations, gulf streams, rogue waves to human errors and conspiracy theories – anything is possible, but none of them is proved yet. However, it’s still one of the most traveled routes in the world.

Fly Geyser

Mysterious places on Earth


The Fly Geyser, near Gerlach, Nevada, is strange because it somehow grows up. It is three meters high at the moment. It is interesting that this geyser is located on private area, so nobody can enjoy it from close. The owner is Bill Spoo, a man who rejects the opportunity to make a fortune from the tourists, and keeps the beautiful view just for himself and the few researchers and photographers who have to schedule a visit weeks before arriving.

McMurdo Dry Valleys

Mysterious places on Earth


McMurdo Dry Valleys are located on Antarctica but, believe it or not, they lack snow. That makes the area to be a desert, of course the coldest one in the world. However, that’s not the only strange things here. The valleys are “bleeding” from the many geysers, because of the high concentration of iron, making picture of world different than Earth.


Racetrack Playa

Mysterious places on Earth


Racetrack Playa in California is well known due to its sailing stones. No one knows how, but the stones there somehow manage to move from their original position, leaving a track behind them. The reasons are still unknown and are subject of research. It is supposed that the winds in the valley are “responsible” for this.


Eye of Africa, Mauritania

Mysterious places on Earth


Visitors can not see too much by going there, but traveling with Google Earth offers an image that takes the breath. These weird cliffs shaped like human eye are located in Mauritania. There are several theories that try to explain the origin of this wonder, but the official one is that it is a richat structure formed by symmetrical uplifting of the geology. One of the others says that a meteor is the reason.


Hell’s Door, Turkmenistan

Mysterious places on Earth


“The Gate to Hell” is located in Turkeminstan, in the heart of Middle Asia, in the Kara-Kum desert. It was formed with little human help, when in 1971 Soviet experts ordered drilling in the cavern filled with loads of natural gas, which roof collapsed leaving a hole with 60-70 meters diameter. After that the gas continued rising from even deeper sources. Aware of the possibility of poisoning, the government decided to burn it. It never stopped burning since than and today it offers a spectacular view, especially at night. People can’t stay there more than five minutes because of the gases.


The Brown Mountain Lights

Mysterious places on Earth


One in a long series of ghost lights that have appeared in the USA and the world, the Brown Mountain Will-o’-the-wisp lights appear and disappear randomly. Like large strobes in the sky, they seem to pop up and disappear whenever convenient. Until we figure out exactly when they come around, I’ll venture to say Harry Potter or some other wizard is playing tricks with our less magical human minds.


The Mount Shasta

Mysterious places on Earth


Towering in isolation above the surrounding landscape, Mount Shasta is a mountain shrouded in mystery and the unexplained. With stories of underground cities, flying saucers, unexplained lights and encounters with unusual beings, it would be hard to envision a place with more mystique than Mount Shasta.


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