5 most Unusual rentals on Airbnb

5 most Unusual rentals around the world

Holiday rentals is a common and usual way to spend your vacations abroad, think again !!! The top 5 of the most amazing and jaw dropping holidays homes you can found on Airbnb will leave you speechless.

Alone on your very own Fiji Island. Nanuku Island is a tiny 10-acre paradise covered in coconut trees. The sandy shores are surrounded by reef where turtles dwell and lay there eggs each year in the sands of this private island Location: Nanuku Levu, Fiji



Spend the night in an Igloo The Iglu Village is located amidst the breathtaking mountains of the Kühtai ski resort.



Yacht rentals  a Old cruise on the South of Mallorca



Fairytale Treehouse a Neverland. Set amongst lush greenery, each room is beautifully furnished with antiques, natural found in  Atlanta



Jungle Tree House Nicaragua a home overlooking the Pacific Ocean and one of Central America’s largest private wildlife corridors, making incredible wildlife sightings a daily occurrence. Location: San Juan del Sur, Rivas, Nicaragua




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